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Through The
                Looking Glass Book Cover

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Completed Prose Works

Strawberry Fairchild And The Green Flame

Strawberry Fairchild And The Green Flame A Fable

The Psychedelic Slacker

The Psychedelic Slacker A Fictional Memoir

Key Characters Who Make An Appearance...

Strawberry Fairchild
Vera Jane Jenkins
Felix Skidwell
Lonesome Dave Wasted
The Dire Wolf

Cartoons on Pinterest (Text by Alan Mark Train):

Short Prose, Poetry and Reviews On The Web

Buried Treasure In Santa Cruz

Dancer On A Train (Movement)

Keystone Homeless

Laundromat By The 7-11

Miss Melissa

Queen With A Cane

Sidewalk Lament

Something More Comfortable

Still Tops

Suspiciously Blue (A CD Review, as in an Eva Jay Sunrise)

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